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Your Guide To Tower Grove Pride (Handy Dandy Map Included!)

With a couple hundred vendors and three performance stages, food courts and picnic sites, we decided to share a master festival map to make it easier for you -- our guests to be!

Take a second to review the layout to identify:

1) best places to park; 2) where to grab nosh; 3) stage schedules; 4) the main bars; 5) first aid booths; 6) play areas for the kiddos (two and four-legged) and much more. You'll also find that for each vendor we've included a link to their website or social media so if you find something you like, you can stay in touch!

Also, get yourself an official festival t-shirt that you can pick up before, or at, the festival. There's a poster of the same design for sale from Nate Jones, which you can order here or find at his booth.

If you have mobility issues, find the handicapped parking area just west of the Cypress Circle. We have partnered with Soulard Pride to provide guest shuttles throughout the day (they operate on tips!).

If you are vegan or vegetarian, NO WORRIES! We have food options that span multiple continents and respond to dietary restrictions and preferences.

And don't miss out on the FAMOUS BOOZIE RAINBOW SLUSHEE, which will be provided this year atTrops Liquors truck. There will also be two full cocktail bars, in partnership with STL Barkeep. And -- as usual -- local beer from 4Hands Brewing Company and Schlafly.

If you have a medical marijuana license, or want one, or want to partake and try not to get caught (less recommended), check out the Proper Cannabis Pavilion and relax the day away listening to some talented DJs.

Speaking of DJs, Prospect Out Hrr will be on the Sons of Rest Stage keeping the party alive between acts ALL DAY LONG! Here's a complete list and schedule of performers.

At 4pm, lace up your skates and head over to the Cypress Circle where RolleramaSTL will pop up their monthly Disco Skate and SK8 Liborious will make riding a half pipe look easy.

City Museum will take over the Chinese Pavilion at the heart of our TGP Kids Zone. The area will feature face painting, a disco bounce house and opportunities for memory-making for young ones of all ages.

We've given Maxi Glamour and Cranky Yellow carte blanche to transform the Stupp gardens into a fairy dreamland, complete with a tea tasting and lounge-around-the-fountain. You'll also get to listen to Maxi's new album!!

Stupp Amphitheater will be lively throughout the festival -- featuring high energy performances (looking at you Superfun Yeah Yeah Rockeshtip!) drag by Jade Sinclair and the Grey Fox Pub and even some burlesque. The cherry on top at that stage will be drag ball, "A Ball in the Park," at 5pm. hosted by the Legendary Maven Logic Lee.

What else...hmmm???... Oh, ya ---- There's a pet zone, so feel free to bring you sons and daughters. But please keep those well-behaved pups on their leashes, even if they're not normally aggressive, the music and madness can be a bit much to a skittish tail-wagger!

And not far from there is the "Practice Kindness" Picnic Grove, where you can borrow a blanket and enjoy food and drink from the festival, or out of your own cooler-- but NO GLASS PLEASE! Return your blanket once you're finished and we'll donate it to St. Louis Winter Outreach later this year.

We're looking forward to a beautiful Saturday with all of you! Come flaunt, have fun and practice kindness at the 2021 Tower Grove Pride.

- Tower Grove Pride Team



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