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Sign Up To Volunteer At Tower Grove Pride!

Click the image to sign up or go directly to the form through this link: here.

Here is a basic description of the available volunteer positions:

Garden Guardian

In this position your primary task will be to make sure Tower Grove Park stays as clean and pristine as possible. This is the single most important task for our festival, as the park is a cherished community resource and the perfect place for us to hold our people powered Pride! This task includes: *Picking up litter *Emptying trash bins *Cleaning off tables *Carrying filled trash bags to the dumpsters + with the assistance of golf carts for long distances and heavy loads This will be needed throughout the festival runtime, but the most important times will be at the end of the day on Sunday and a final cleanup of the park on Monday morning/afternoon.

Gate Guardian

This is also a very important part of our festival and where we need a lot of help. The Gate Guardians will stand/sit at the entrance of the festival at the Western side of Humbolt Loop. You will be: * Stopping non-festival traffic from entering the gate *Directing attendees where to park *Allowing festival staff/volunteer/band parking into the special parking area *Allowing drivers with handicap license plates into the special parking area

Staff Helper You will be assigned to a staff member as needed to help assist them in their duties. It can be anything from being sent to find another staff member, delivering messages, helping watch over areas to spot problems, miscellaneous tasks...etc... This is best suited to volunteers who have helped at other festivals in the past.

Food Runner

In this position you will be tasked with taking food orders from our booths, going to food providers at the festival or picking up delivered food, and transporting them to the booths. You will have golf cart support for this.

Bicycle Delivery We have partnered with Food Pedaler to provide bicycle food delivery from nearby restaurants to attendees at the festival. If you have experience in bicycle delivery you can join Food Pedaler for the weekend to help provide this service. More information about them here:

Bar Helper

If you have bartending experience we could use extra bartenders, bar backs, and supply runners for our bars.

Festival Guide

As our festival grows it's getting harder for people to easily navigate its many features. You will be tasked with offering help with attendees finding the locations of booths, facilities, first aid, etc... In some cases you may be sitting at a booth, in other cases you may be walking or riding a golf cart around the festival. Identifying anyone who seems in need of help or being a visible mobile info booth that people can approach for help. Prior festival volunteering experience much preferred for this position.

Golf Cart Taxi

Soulard Pride is bringing back their famous gold cart taxi service again this year. They are looking for anyone with golf cart driving experience and a valid drivers license to help supplement their fleet of drivers.


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