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Double The Pride! Tower Grove Pride Returns in 2022 As A Two-Day Festival!

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

Launched in 2012 as a small gathering on a south city side street, Tower Grove Pride has grown into one of the largest and most beloved festivals in St. Louis. This people-powered production now covers a full weekend with a footprint that spans much of the Southeast section of Tower Grove Park! The festival will be jam-packed with all of the drag and musical performances, hundreds of booths, and local food you've come to love over the years for both days.

Not only will we be expanding to two days, we are returning to the last weekend in September too! Tower Grove Pride 2022 will be held on September 24th - 25th. The vast majority of responses to the annual survey wanted us to stick with the much-less-sweltering September date.

So grab your friends, pals, pups, lovers, loved-ones and come all decked out in your SATURDAY AND SUNDAY'S best Prideful outfits, lay down on a blanket, grab a rainbow slushie, snatch a free mom hug, sing off key, dance like no-one's watching, pick up something unique and handmade and anything else that expresses who you are and what you love. It's going to be a self-affirming, community-empowering celebration that will bring people together from all over STL and beyond! Mark your calender's and stay tuned for more announcements and ways to get involved!

Thank you for your continued and unwavering support as we celebrate 10 years of Tower Grove Pride!


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Benjamin D
Benjamin D
19 בספט׳ 2022

What time are the festivities?

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