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Third Degree Glass Factory Will Be Doing Live Blown Glass Demonstrations At Tower Grove Pride!

We are so excited to announce that we'll have St. Louis' expert glass artists doing demonstrations all day at the festival! TGP and Third Degree Glass Factory are partnering up to make this year's festival more of an arts extravaganza!

Here's what they have to say about their participation in TGP2019:

"Inclusivity is at the heart of any creative endeavor. We at Third Degree Glass Factory are dedicated to providing amazing experiences for all our guests by creating an inclusive environment that celebrates love in all its forms, whether for creating art, for supporting local artists and entrepreneurs, and for each other.

Third Degree is one of the most unique venues in St. Louis! We want to show attendees how fun and amazing creating glass art can be while sharing information about our weddings, fun date night opportunities, and much more. In addition to showcasing the pride-themed artwork of our LGBTQIA artists and allies, we will be doing live flameworking demonstrations throughout the entire day at our booth."



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