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Tower Grove Pride Will Have Lots Of Games And Activities this year!

We worked hard on providing more for people to do and see this year. One of our big goals was to provide a much bigger games area where people of all ages can hang out and have fun!

Arch City Adventures will have a large games area with bubble soccer, and 100% safe archery tag and darts! There will also be yard games and carnival-type games with a fun Pride-ful spin! Like a horse-shoe toss using high-heeled shoes. We'll also have a puppy-play pit, a puppy kissing booth, a chicken you can take a pic with, and a water balloon throw area with environmentally-friendly reusable cloth water balloons by Whimsicool Wool!

On top of all those games we're also going to have bunch of arts and crafts related activities from institutions like the Contemporary Art Museum and other arts nonprofits!

We'll also have some grown-up games! The Blue Max leather club will be teaching you how to crack whips and hug bears, while the fun people at Show Me Stache Rides STL will have a see-saw for adults!



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