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Make It Shine

Support the festival in its operations to make it a fun, safe, and clean day!


Make It You

Be one of the many local artists, crafters, small businesses, and nonprofits that make TGP the fun festival it is!

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Make It A Party

We're looking for performers of all talents including musicians, singers, drag kings and queens, burlesque, and performance art.


Make It Work

If you, your company, or the company or organization you work for can provide professional services to the festival in any capacity use  this signup form to make an inquiry.


Make It Engaging

It's a big park! There's a lot of opportunities to provide games and activities that engage, excite, and bring people together!


Make It Roll

We now have a walking parade that YOU can be a part of! It's a walking/biking parade through the festival grounds on the Sunday of the festival.

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Make It Happen

Be one of the wonderful local and community-supporting sponsors that have helped our growing festival.


Make It An Opportunity

Be one of the local employers supporting the lgbtq+ community and find great talent at the festival



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