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Check Out Our Performance Amphitheater And Cafe' Garden At Tower Grove Pride!

This year we are expanding what we have to offer at our FREE Performance Amphitheater at the Stupp Center! We're going to have three local businesses, The Vine (A South Grand staple!), Prioritized Pastries (A delectable local bakery!), and CamDam Coffee (With all the hot cups of java you need to energize you for a full day of Pride!). There will also be a tea party hosted by the Fragrant Cup during the day!

You can watch our performers at the amphitheater or hang out in the garden next to it and nosh at the cafe' seating provided by the food vendors! The Stupp Center is located along the path from the Tower Grove Park entrance on Grand and Arsenal. You can see it on the map here:

Here's the poster with the lineup of what you can see all day at the Performance Stage:



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