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Tower Grove Park Loves Tower Grove Pride!

We are getting closer to our second year in the beautiful Tower Grove Park! We have grown so much since last year, and it's thanks in large part because of just what a wonderful and welcoming experience the park provides.

The TGPark's administration has been a strong ally and friend to the festival. They have worked together with us in every way possible and allowed us to do so much and in so large of a space. They don't have to be so accommodating, but they are super-supportive of our mission and absolutely love hosting the festival.

We ask everyone two things this year:

1. Please please please respect the historic structures and beautifully maintained green spaces and trees of the park. Don't litter, don't hurt the trees, and don't chase the bunnies around too much as they can get quite exhausted!

2. Please consider directly supporting the park and its operations.

They have a fundraiser event at the park this Saturday, June 22nd and it would mean so much to us to have our community show how much we appreciate everything they do by attending. You can find a link to the festival here:

Here's what the park has to say about hosting TGP:

"Tower Grove Park is proud of its ongoing commitment to be a place of welcome and diversity for all. We are excited and honored to host the Tower Grove Pride Festival in the Park for another year of fun and mutual support. Stop by the Park booth during the festival to get a limited edition Pride T-shirt and learn about our support of LGBTQ+ people in the community."

Aren't they just the sweetest? Support them at Tower Grove Pride or check out their cute pavilion party this weekend! After all, it's your park too!



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